Craftsmanship: For the love of beautiful things


We live in a society dominated by fast fashion and low quality clothing. We buy garments and throw them away as quickly and effortlessly as they are manufactured. Starting Elama, our Maison de couture, we envisioned a different society. One based on quality materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Instead of fast fashion; we chose slow fashion. Our garments would be hand crafted by skilled artisans in Canada. Every detail, every stitch, every button would be perfect. They would be built with passion, worn with pride and cherished for years. Craftsmanship, that’s what we dreamed of.



Artisans who make magic happen in Canada


Artisans, with years of perfected technique, create pieces of clothing that cannot be matched by the mass manufacturing industries of today’s fast fashion world.

At Maison Elama, our team has been working leather, suede and fur for more than 40 years, in our Montreal atelier, in Canada.

We take great pride in our local roots in our beautiful city. We treat our employees like family and provide them with excellent work conditions. After all, they’re the ones who create our unique timeless pieces. They truly make magic happen with their hands. 

Design to perfection

While our manufacturing techniques are age old, our design philosophy is fashion forward and contemporary. Our designers are looking for the perfect cut that highlights the particularities of the chosen fabrics and skins to create the perfect comfortable fit.

They go through hundreds of sketches and countless tweaking and adjusting to create every piece of our collections. They create products that are empowering to the men and women that wear them.

People who decide to stand out and invest in high quality, timeless and well-crafted Canadian products.

Canvas and Pattern making

With the selected sketches, we make patterns to create cotton canvas of the designs. 
Cotton canvases allow us to visualize the designs concretely. At this stage we perfect the fit and all the details that will go into the final pieces. 
Once all changes are made on the canvas, a second pattern is created. This new patron is used to create the design in the materials selected for each pieces.
Maison Elama carefully chooses high quality furs, leather and materials to create statement pieces you will be proud to wear.

When you invest in an ELAMA piece, you encourage local artisans and contribute to keeping Canadian craftsmanship alive. We build products with a story and lots of love!